BLOG TOUR - AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Nicole Madigan and Ballerina Monkey

BLOG TOUR - AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Nicole Madigan and Ballerina Monkey

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This week, assisted by Books on Tour, Nicole Madigan is running a blog tour to promote her new children's book, Ballerina Monkey. (I so love the fact that this book is made sustainably, using vegan ink and recycled paper, and is even carbon neutral too!)  I sat down with Nicole to find out more about the story and her writing process:

What are your creative inspirations?

When it comes to writing picture books, my children are my greatest inspiration. As a journalist, I spend so much time writing for adults, that when I do work on a PB manuscript, I try to put myself into my children’s world.

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Do you you have any set creative rituals or processes you go through to do your writing?

I would love to say that I have a wonderfully unique ritual and set surroundings to aid my creativity. But unfortunately, as a freelance journalist and mum of three (one at home full-time and the others home from 3pm), creative writing takes place whenever I can spare a moment! Often it’s late at night. If one of the kids says something that triggers an idea I’ll quickly write it down and come back to it later. At best, I might light a candle!

What you hope readers will take from your book?

The essence of Ballerina Monkey is the importance of being true to yourself. I believe this is a crucial life lesson for both children and adults.

I really hope that readers will come away feeling like they too have the strength to be themselves - happiness comes from simply being you.

What inspired you to write Ballerina Monkey?

When my two boys were younger, they developed a few interests that were a little left-of-centre and non-typical for little boys. I felt so sad for them when their joy began to make way for self-consciousness due to the comments of others. At the same time, I too was experiencing the adult version of a similar situation, whereby I felt I had been compromising my own values for a number of reasons. Both of these experiences resulting in my putting pen to paper and writing Ballerina Monkey.

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What was involved in your publishing journey with BlOOturtle?

My first picture book, Darcy and the Dinosaurs, was published by BlOOturtle earlier this year, though I wrote Ballerina Monkey first.

BlOOturtle is a new eco-friendly global publisher and I submitted a number of manuscripts when the team put its first callout for submissions in 2016.  That submission resulted in a two-book contract which I was obviously thrilled about.

The process has been truly collaborative and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the publishers to bring my vision for these two stories to life.

I’m delighted with the result!


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