Writer for Hire

Writer for hire

Kellie is a full-time freelance writer and is available to hire for various types of copywriting jobs, for publishers, businesses, other organisations, and individuals.  

She is adept at creating blogs and articles, product descriptions, landing page text (website copy), e-newsletters, e-books, press releases, and promotional stories, and other content. Her experience covers writing resumes and cover letters, professional and personal letters, and even scripts and social media content, too. If you need content edited and/or proof read, Kellie is also suited to the job.

Passionate about building strong working relationships with clients and really understanding their business and goals, Kellie can devise compelling words to help your organization grow.  Need one-off copywriting assistance, or someone to work with you on an ongoing basis? No matter your needs, Kellie can help. She is based in Queensland, Australia, but works with people around the globe. Contact her today for a quote.

testimonial from digital current editor, kelsey webb:

I've worked with Kellie for three years, and she has been a real asset to our company. Kellie is one of our main freelance writers and she is our go-to source of content for many of our clients.

I'm always impressed with how versatile Kellie is, and with the wide range of subjects she is able to write about. We've never had an assignment that Kellie couldn't figure out. She also always works within budget and within the time frame,which is an essential characteristic for us that we truly appreciate.

Kellie is a great addition to our writing staff, and we look forward to continuing to work with her as a company.

testimonial from CV client Don jensen:

Kellie did what she said she would do. That was to research and deliver a fantastic resume for me, it was spot on, I was more than pleased with my new resume. I would recommend Kellie to anyone who wants a complete professional resume done.

Kellie's Experience:

Kellie has written copy for companies like MYOB, Intuit, Optus, St. George Bank, Fiji Airways, Mortgage Choice, Robert Half, Sheridan, Bridgestone, Spirit of Tasmania, Skyscanner, Natvia, Lipa Learning, SiteMinder, Gumtree, Britz Campers, Metropolist, CV Jedi, Contact Connection, Wyndel Apartments, Perth Commercial Properties, and Stuck on You over the last few years. 

She has worked with companies who need children's stories, e-books or other promotional material created to coincide with product launches and advertising campaigns, and was hired to write a number of scripts for a potential children's TV series.

As a copywriter for hire, Kellie’s ghost-written work has been featured on top sites such as Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, Lifehacker, Gumtree and Seek, to name a few.  She is well versed in writing in varying tones to suit different audiences, and is used to working in either Australian/UK English or American English. Kellie's content has been used by companies in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK.

Kellie has also written for magazines such as Get Published, Boat Gold Coast, Fly Corporate’s Regional Skies, Blooms, Healm, Move On, Today’s Electrician, Importing for Profit, Happy Hormones, Print Revolution, Health Wisdom, The Importa, Modern HR, Construction Innovation, Property Portfolio, Make Money Online, Intrapreneur, Believe, Love Your Pets, Your Career, Co Creation, Youth in Business, Stylish Brides, My Baby, and Patchwork & Quilting.

Kellie is adept at creating SEO-friendly content. She includes keywords in a natural way and formats work according to online best practices. Furthermore, Kellie receives a lot of repeat business due to her commitment to adhering to strict deadlines, and her ability to work to a brief or come up with her own topics.


No matter the sector you’re in, Kellie has probably had experience in writing for it! She is quick to understand new concepts and topics, and has written across diverse industries over the years. This list includes:

- travel and hospitality 

- business (including e-commerce, sales, marketing, startups, leadership, and more)

- HR and careers

- health & wellbeing

- real estate

- technology

- law

- finance

- parenting

- hair and beauty

- education

- personal development

- sustainability

- food and beverage

- weddings

- home decor and gardening

- insurance

- psychology

- entertainment

- automotive

- pet care

- construction and manufacturing

Ghost-written articles for clients published on sites such as:

-  HuffingtonPost.com           -  Lifehack.org                               -  Entrepreneur.com      

-  Inc.com                                    -  Forbes.com                                 -  Business.com            

-  Orbitz.com                             -  FoxBusiness.com                     -  IBM.com

-  Gumtree.com.au                  -  Careers.org                                 -  HRZone.com

-  BlogHerald.com                   -  AllBusiness.com                       -  Business2Community.com        

-  AskMen.com                          -  NaturalNews.com                   -  EnterprisingWomen.com     

-  Tech.co                                     -  TheCultureist.com                  -  SmartDataCollective.com     

-  ProjectEve.com                      -  CustomerThink.com              - HomeBusinessMag.com

-  NewsBlaze.com                     -  Girl.com.au                               -  NurtureParentingMagazine.com.au

-  DailyMom.com                       -  TheRichest.com                      -  SmallBusiness.co.uk

-  VentureBurn.com                 -  MiscMagazine.com               -  PCTechMag.com

-  Seek.com.au                            -  TheSelfEmployed.com         -  FamilyTravel.com    

-  PoshBrood.com                     -  Femail.com.au                         -  MouthsofMums.com.au          

-  CVJedi.com                             -  DesignShuffle.com                -  TheLawyer.com        

-  MinuteHack.com                 -  PriceOfBusiness.com            -  RealtyBizNews.com

-  MyDesignChic.com            -  Socialnomics.net                     -  MyCustomer.com

-  PointOfSale.com                  -  YourOrganicChild.com         -  NewsWire.net

-  Equities.com                         -  ProFinanceBlog.com              -  ElectronicsOfThings.com

-  Smarp.com                            -  HRFuture.net                            -  ArchitectureArtDesigns.com             

-  Spring.org.uk                        -  Health-Host.co.uk                  -  TheSouthAfrican.com      

-  Manta.com                             -  SeriousStartups.com            -  SustainableBusiness.Forum.com

-    TravelEurope.com             -  DesignBump.com                   -  GreenGlobalTravel.com

-  RealtyToday.com                 -  MemorableTV.com                -  TheBeautyGirl.com

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-  InfoLaw.co.uk                       -  DesignKnock.com                  -  IdentityMagazine.net

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-  JustKidsLit.com                    -  MumsDelivery.com.au           -  TravelDailyNews.com