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Kellie's first picture book was published by Wombat Books on 1st May 2018. It is beautifully illustrated by Ann-Marie Finn.

The story examines the importance and fun of the imagination, and how creativity can be used to help us deal with difficult times. It is perfect for prompting discussions about topics like creativity, illness, the seasons, weather, clouds, music and more. 

The book can be ordered from Wombat Books (link below - international orders are catered to here, too) or from Booktopia

Gift cards based on the book are also now available - check out the Wombat link below for further information.

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“This picture book celebrates the wonder of creating stories and the joy of sharing them.” - Sunday Telegraph ‘Funday’ Review

"Shivers. Goosebumps. Tingles. Fuzzies. All the terms that come to mind to describe the sensations felt during the reading of Cloud Conductor. Kellie Byrnes has effectively orchestrated an emotionally evocative symphony of words that project straight into your heart. Her whimsical phrasing casts the reader’s mind to a place of imagination and a world of peace, where escapism is met with a welcoming ray of sunshine, particularly for the little girl in the story... A gentle and touching story portrayed in a sensitive light, Cloud Conductor is reassuring, engaging and enlightening. Early years children will be drawn to its imaginative and dreamy qualities that will encourage sky-gazers all over the galaxy." - Just Write for Kids Australia

"Inspiring and full of positive messages, this exquisite book carries themes of strength, courage, patience, hope and the healing power of the imagination... This emotive story is sad yet filled with joy and hope. It demonstrates how children are able to find ways to embrace life even during the most painful and challenging times." - Kids' Book Review

"This book should be a part of every children's hospital library. A perfect present for children with long term illnesses. An inspirational story to lift spirits and resilience" - Rhyllis Bignell, Teacher-Librarian

"Debut children’s author, Kellie Byrnes and accomplished illustrator,  Ann-Marie Finn, have created a sensual feast that not only celebrates the art of imagination but also encourages it for emotional well-being....Touching and affirmative, this picture book explores a delicate situation with care and consideration and great glorious cloud-clumps of imagination, all beautifully reinforced by Finn's beguiling illustrations. Perfect for daydreaming 4 – 8 year-olds." - Boomerang Books

"What’s not to like in a book that encourages us to have our heads in the clouds? Cloud Conductor teaches kids to spark up that imagination, which can be shared again and again. Cloud conductors unite! Not to mention, we can take our kids to the zoo, to the beach, to the rainforest, without even leaving our backyard." - Brisbane Kids

"This picture book by debut author Kellie Byrnes uses poetic language, and soft, collaged illustrations to sing the joys of daydreaming. Cloud Conductor reminds us that imagination can take us anywhere, especially if our bodies need to rest. This sensitive story will inspire young imaginations, and could be a useful tool for teaching children the beauty of being in the moment, and taking time to observe nature." - Buzz Words

"Cloud Conductor is a beautifully expressive story, filled with messages of hope, courage in adversity and the power of the imagination to bring happiness... Cloud Conductor is full of courage, an inspiring story that stirs up a child's imagination. Frankie's resilience and her ability to rise above her illness is an important message. Students and families will enjoy becoming cloud conductors, using their imagination to create their own stories and to find hope even in difficult times." - Read Plus

"Cloud Conductor not only allows readers to see what life can be like for children who are in hospital for long lengths of time but also the importance of imagination and how imagination can brighten the darkest of dark days. Positive thinking and hope shine through in this story and the important gifts we can give to others when they are feeling down – hope, joyful thoughts and imagination.You will love reading this story to all young children and it might inspire some time to lie out in the sun and stare up at those clouds!"  - Educate. Empower

Facebook post from The BookShop at Caloundra:

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Illustration by  Gabriella Petruso

Illustration by Gabriella Petruso



Kellie's second picture book, Yes! No. will be published by Little Pink Dog Books in 2020. 

The book is a funny tale about a cheeky raccoon thief and the animals he meets in a home. The fabulous illustrator chosen for this manuscript is Gabriella Petruso - you can see from the artwork on the left that she knows how to make animals come to life on the page!


Kellie’s fourth picture book, Evie is All Ears, will be published by Little Pink Dog Books in early 2021.

The book is about a hard-of-hearing bilby (an endangered Australian animal) who has to get hearing aids. Illustrator Lesley McGee will be bringing Evie and her story to life.


Kellie’s third picture book is coming in 2020. It will be published by EK Books and illustrated by Aśka. Details can’t be disclosed just yet, but updates will be posted as soon as possible! :)

Kellie also has her first chapter book on the way - part of a new Australian Girl series, it will be published in 2020 by Wombat Books. More news to come soon!